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Wine & Spirits Retailer

A local esablished wine and spirits retailer approached us with a goal of creating a bigger online presence and driving traffic to increase liquor sales on their eCommerce platform.


Client was not seeing their webstie rank for local search queries, as it was not optimized and did not have link authority.


Local SEO

We began by performing a full SEO Audit of client’s website. Given the results of our audit, we began the onsite SEO optimization of all pages on the website. Such tasks included Editing/optimizing meta titles for main SEO pages, Google Search Console analysis and console optimization, eliminating soft 404 errors by adding redirects to broken/improperly linked pages, and eliminating not found page errors by adding redirects to not found/non-existent linked pages.

Next we began our off-page SEO process. This included tasks such as daily link building campaigns to each SEO page including research & identification of ideal link building candidates. During the link building process, we performed an in-depth website and link structure analysis to make sure each link candidate is: niche related, highly trusted, has a strong domain authority (DA), has good page authority (PA), and ultimately resulting in good trust flow being driven to the target SEO page.

As of September 25, 2018, we are currently ranking our client in the number 1 & 2 positions for several of the highest value keywords related to liquor stores. Overall, the website had a total of 80,988 visitors during that period, which included 76,147 first time visitors to the site. These visitors had an average of 1.3 sessions each, meaning that some visitors even came back to our client’s website on a separate occasion. On average, each visitor browsed over 4 pages on our client’s website bringing the total number of page views for the period to a total of 460,339. On average, each session lasted about 2 minutes and 32 seconds and the bounce rate was 27.52%, meaning that 1 in 4 visitors left the site immediately after clicking on its Google listing. To better word this, 3 out of 4 visitors to our client’s site ended up staying and browsing for over 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

As shown in the Acquisition column of Diagram B, 61,011 (75%) of our client’s website visitors were acquired from organic traffic through their Google ranking. In the Behavior column, we see that organic traffic resulted in a 27.6% bounce rate. This rate was even higher (33%) from direct link traffic, and the highest (69%) from other sources of traffic. In the third column titled “Conversions”, we can see the conversion rate and number of transactions obtained from each channel of online traffic. For the period of August 24 – September 25, 2018, our SEO efforts resulted in a 0.92% conversion rate on 61,011 visitors from organic search. This amounts to roughly 561 transactions obtained through organic google searches alone during that period. In total, our client reached 1,359 online transactions, totaling an estimated revenue of $452,626.78.

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