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Facebook & Instagram Ads


Our Facebook Advertising management team has mastered the art of building advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. Using our expertise and proprietary techniques, we’re able to strengthen your online reputation and presence, engage with your potential customers, and deliver ads on their timeline that generate you leads, sales, and growth.

There are over 1.5 billion monthly ACTIVE Facebook & Instagram users every single, day. With 68% of them in the US being mobile users. That means 1,020,000,000 people are staring at their phone every day. If you had any doubts at all about marketing your business on Facebook and Instagram, what this means is that they are simply too big to ignore. Facebook and Instagram generate more advertising views than the next three largest competitors combined. Your audience is out there on Facebook & Instagram and that’s a fact. Its only a matter of finding them, and that’s our job.

Using Facebook & Instagram, we can find your exact audience, at the exact time, in the exact place they are, and get your business in front of their eyes on their screen. Not like a television commercial, or billboard ad, or radio ad being blasted to millions of people hoping a potential customer sees your business. That’s a waste of money. We find your perfect customer first, and then we show them the ads, saving you money and making you money at the same time. Let’s put Facebook & Instagram to use for you and your business so you don’t fall behind your competition, many of whom are already putting these platforms to use.

11 Different Ways Ads Can Benefit Your Business


1. Super Targeting Your Potential Customers:

The most exciting aspect of Facebook & Instagram ads is their incredibly sophisticated level of targeting. Super targeting so to speak. The ability to target VERY SPECIFIC types of people who are likely to purchase what your business has to offer, be it a service or product. Here’s an example: we can target Japanese and English speaking women between the ages of 24-45, who live in a 20 mile radius of Los Angeles, CA, who are stay at home moms of kids in Kindergarten – First Grade…we hope you get the point.

2. Much More Efficient And Effective Than Traditional Marketing:

They cost much less than traditional forms of marketing such as TV ads, billboard ads, radio ads, magazine features, and so on. It’s actually only about 1% the price of TV advertising but reaches the same number of people.

3. Generate Leads And Sales That Make Your Business Money:

Are you a service based business such as a wedding planner, photographer, or plumber? We can send potential customers directly to your lead/inquiry form on your website, bringing warm leads of customers who are ready to buy directly to your inbox, on a daily basis.

4. No More Wasting Money:

Because we are able to super-target specific groups of people, specifically customers who want what you have, the ads are shown to those who want to buy what you have or the service you provide. This is a much smarter move than throwing out ads all over the place in hopes that your potential customer sees. This saves you money by not showing those who aren’t interested

5. Retargeting Campaigns:

We are able to “retarget” clients who have either visited your website, your online store, or your landing page but took no action. We can retarget them and deliver customized ads just for them. This is powerful stuff.

6. Beautiful, Organic Looking Ads:

One of the most beautiful things about Facebook & Instagram ads is that they aren’t even noticeable. Meaning Facebook & Instagram users can barely tell the difference between an ad and a regular post from a friend of theirs, as they scroll through their feed.

7. Look Alike Audiences:

If you have an email list of customers already built, we can target them directly as well as create what is called a “Lookalike Audience” – basically creating a new audience of people who are identical to your past customers. Yes it’s that powerful.

8. Drive Daily Traffic To Your Website:

We can send traffic directly from Facebook & Instagram to your website, creating a seamless experience for the potential customer to visit your website and browse.

9. Fill Up Those Seats:

Have an event, class, or seminar that you are setting up in the future and need more attendees? We can launch a campaign months ahead of time and fill up those seats.

10. Actually Deliver Your Content To Your Viewers:

After the recent changes to the Facebook & Instagram algorithms, delivering content to your viewers organically is not as easy as it used to be. We know how to deliver your content to them in the most efficient way.

11. Get More Page Likes And Followers:

You can get more likes on your Facebook page and increase followers on your Instagram page. Yes, publicity is definitely good for business.

How We Can Help

Here is our process with Facebook and Instagram ads and how we make them so powerful and successful:

Step 1:

We build an audience that super-targets your potential customers. We figure out who your business audience is using Facebook’s powerful database. Our team has an extensive process for doing research on your business’s audience so that we can build an audience on Facebook that is fine tuned and targeted to the potential customers of your business. We first start by doing research on your business, the type of people who need what you have to offer, how your service or product can help them, or a problem that your business can solve. This is called creating a “buyer persona”. We target them using their interests, relationship status, where they live, what shows they might like, what Facebook groups they might like, and so on. We’re not just launching ads to people in your area, throwing stuff at the wall, and hoping it sticks. We spend hours and hours on this process and then deliver engaging ads and content that will convert and turn into leads and sales for your business.

Step 2:

We don’t stop there. Once we have figured out who the audience of your business is and where they are on Facebook, we start our next step: launching multiple ads or “A/B split tests” as we like to call them in the marketing world. We start testing different things- different copies, different creatives, and see what your audience reacts too. Maybe they like a certain picture we used in an ad for your business, or maybe they like a certain sentence or word. We try many different combinations of ads and then we go over all the data and analytics and see which ones had the most success. We then take the winners and scale up.

Step 3:

Once we have figured out who your target audience is on Facebook and which ads work best, we then go through a daily process of data analysis, creating new ads and content based off what shows to convert with your audience, fine tuning the ads already running, and the rest we can’t really say. That’s our secret (insert wink face emoji), and it works very well.

Step 4:

Fine, we’ll give you one more powerful step we use. Retargeting, yes retargeting. We constantly launch campaigns and ads targeted to those who have either engaged with the content, visited your website, visited your store, or visited your landing page, BUT have not taken any action. We retarget them with custom tailored ads to grab their attention and convert them into customers.



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