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Facebook Ad Campaign

Event venue

A local event venue wanted to generate warm leads of potential clients looking for a venue to host their upcoming event. We ran a conversion campaign optimized for leads.

Key Results

471 Leads

$589,000 Revenue


$8-12 Average Cost Per Lead

10,700% ROI

$5209 Ad Spend


Facebook Ads
Conversion Campaigns

For this client we were able to generate a total of 471 leads total with a total of $5,209.47 spent on ads in the timespan of these campaigns, which was about roughly 3 months. Within that 3 month timespan the client was able to book 62 events total. A booking for this client’s Venue ranges from $7000 – $14,000 depending on a number of variables. We will average it out to about $9,500 per booked event. With an average of $9,500 per booked event times 62 events booked. That is a total of $589,000 generated from booked events. This client got a 10,700% ROI on his $5,209.47 ad spend. This is just one of the examples of the results we can deliver and the quality of our work. 

We began these sets of campaigns by first testing out different audiences. We tested different audiences in the region of this clients venue. Our goal was to search far and wide for a well targeted audience that wanted what our clients business offered, a venue for events. After 2 weeks of testing out different audiences we narrowed it down to about 3-4 audiences that were performing the best. The outcome was 3-4 highly targeted audiences that were interacting with our ads with great results. What this told us was that we had found the audience on Facebook and Instagram for this clients business. We had basically found those people who are on Facebook and Instagram who needed a Venue for their upcoming event in the near future.

Once we had accomplished this, we then began testing a series of different ads with different copy and different creative. Combining some, singling some out, and so on. This is what is called A-B split testing. Once we found the best ad creatives and the best ad copies we honed in on the winners, scaling them up. In return, delivering warm, highly targeted leads that our client was able to close and put a smile on their face. Happy client, happy Size Media.

Above are the campaigns we ran for the client. These campaigns were targeted to an audience who is either engaged, knows someone who is getting engaged, a parent of someone getting engaged, anyone in their wedding process who is looking for a Event Venue for their event, has a birthday coming up, has an anniversary coming up, has a sweet sixteen coming up and so on. These are highly targeted warm leads who are ready to buy, not random inquiries whom we hoped were looking for the services of the client. The campaign/ad directs them to the inquiry form of the client’s website, they then fill out the form and the client gets the lead and works on closing it. To sum it up, these leads are strictly people who are looking for the clients services and or looking to book a venue for their upcoming event. That is what we do and pride ourselves on, delivering leads who are looking for what the client is offering.

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