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Welcome to Size Media, a Professional SEO & Digital Marketing Agency in Glendale, CA.

Everything we do at Size Media is based on a core belief. We believe that every single business owner deserves the chance to see their business shine. To be more specific, we want you to see your business grow and become what you intended it to be when you first set out on your journey.  Working with us is like having an internal team, rather than a hired agency. We like to think that we are very good at working with business owners and caring about their business, as if it were our own.

We just happen to be really good at marketing and advertising as well.

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Our Services

Simply put, we specialize in two of the most effective channels of online marketing to drive traffic to your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Is your business showing up to potential customers on the first page of Google? With over 10 years of SEO experience ranking on the first page Google, we know exactly how to outrank your competition, establish authority, and drive revenue to your business.

Facebook Ads

Looking to generate sales and find people who need what your business offers? Using our expertise and knowledge of Facebook and Instagram Ads, we know exactly how to put your business in front of the eyes of people who want what you have.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

Powerful Local SEO

“Why don’t you just Google it?”, asked everybody who ever existed.

Almost 3.5 billion Google searches take place every single day. Let’s face it, anything you want to search for, you search on Google. How many times have you heard someone say “Google it”?

Yeah, Google is that powerful.

In 2017, 76% of all desktop online searches started on Google. In 2018, almost 96% of all mobile searches were done using Google. Remember this: the first page of the Google results gets 75% of the total clicks.

Simply put, customers are more likely to walk into your business when they find you on Google. If you are a wedding photographer in Los Angeles and someone searches “Wedding photographer in LA”, you would hope Google shows your business in the top results.

And that’s what we’re good at.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Why are Facebook and Instagram Ads so important for your business?

Look around you. Almost everyone is staring down at their phone, on either Facebook or Instagram. At your family gatherings, outside in public, at restaurants, in lines at grocery stores—everywhere. How many times a day do you, yourself check your Facebook or Instagram? Exactly. Your customers are there, it’s our job to get your business on those phone screens, and get your business seen, so you can get more leads, make sales, grow your business, and make more money. Not convinced yet? Keep reading.

$2 out of every $10 in advertising in the world is spent on Facebook and Instagram Ads. Facebook and Instagram have over 2.8 billion active users every single day. That’s equivalent to 26 Super Bowl audiences. Yeah. Wow.

We Make Ads Work

Your customers are clearly on Facebook and Instagram. So how come so many business aren’t utilizing it, and/or shun the platform? You want to know what we think? A lot of businesses try Facebook & Instagram ads, fail at it, then blame Facebook and Instagram. A lot of people truly do not understand how to target their potential customers with their ads. Because of that, they place the ads in front of the wrong people, nobody engages with the ad, and then they get mad and say it didn’t work. We make ads work.

Facebook and Instagram Ads are super profitable for businesses if you know what you’re doing, and thats a big IF. With our team, there are no ifs. Using our expertise, we’ll apply what we know works best to grow your business and revenue. Interested?

World Class Customer Service

So why should you put your confidence in our team?

At Size Media, we consider our relationship with our clients a very special thing. And in order to nurture a healthy relationship, we take customer service very seriously. Your satisfaction and happiness is our number one priority. Is a question keeping you up in the middle of the night? We’re here for you. Have a question about one of your ad campaigns? We’re here for you. Wondering how the progress on your SEO campaign is going? We’re here for you.

We’re excited to work with you. Let’s make big things happen.

We Are Size Media.

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Size Media is the Premier SEO & Digital Marketing Agency in Glendale, CA, and we are excited to work with you. Contact us for a free marketing evaluation today!